My Outdoor Home Garden Office ~ The Sun is My Timepiece

Watching Nature

A Letter from Lauren.

Hi everyone. Lauren here.

Working on The Uptown Timepiece from home has taken on a new meaning in my new Outdoor Home Garden Office.  I am blessed to live in an environment where I can comfortably spend time outdoors most of the year.

Sunday Sun
Image by Victor Freitas | Pexels

My wristwatch and the Sun are my timepieces.

Performing well for me as a work-from-home space,  I share this design concept with you.  Perhaps this type of portable office could open up work-from-home options in your life as well.

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Scroll to the bottom of the page to get straight to prices and shopping.

Editors Note:  I chose a black and white theme for my office but this works in, and is available in, an array of colors to suit your personal taste.   Forgive me if I sound a little sales-pitchy but below is basically how I organized my shopping list.  I searched mightily for the perfect items.  Here they are.

Carrying Everything

Folding Wagon with Net $ 119.99 USD.

Everything making up this office folds up and fits in the small covered wagon shown here; which means, in addition to working in your yard, you can fold up your office and take it with you to the park or the mountains or yes, even to the beach.

The protective net covering on the wagon ensures your work stays clean and free from falling leaves and keeps general outdoor debris and insects out.

Every item making up my office, not including the wagon itself, weighs in at only 23.03 lb. which is an easy pull for this wagon which has a 165 lb. weight capacity.

Outdoor Office Space

Pop Up Beach Tent $59.99 USD.

When considering my cover choices, I opted for a pop up beach tent to serve as my portable office building.  The light colored exterior reflects heat while the dark flooring help to keep sun glare low and making it easier for you to see your laptop screen when you are working.

It was important to me to have ample floor space.  This model has a floor piece that extends out beyond your roof line creating a front patio area.

Weight of Tent: 6.1 lb.

Let’s Really Tie the Room Together

Waterproof & Reversible $ 84.99 USD.

Lay down a covering on your tent floor.  A durable foundation is important.

For floor covering, I chose this  5 x 7 waterproof reversible outdoor mat by Mountain Mat.  This mat helps to keep you comfortable on gravel, twigs and uneven outdoor terrain.

With the dark side up and the mat placed like a runner and not width-wise, this mat adds space and support to your front patio area plus, it really ties the room together.

Weight of Mat: 5.0 lb.

What about Flying Insects?

Centering this extra large luxury mosquito net over the top of the tent was an easy solution to keep flying insects out of the workspace.

Oversized Mosquito Net $ 20.47 USD.

The net can rest directly atop the pop up beach tent.  Opening and closing the net is done easily. No hardware is required.

Weight of Mosquito Net: 1.06 lb.

Portable Outdoor Office Furniture

Sit Mat With Back Rest $ 32.99

Choosing a desk and chair for my office was a big decision.  Having a chair with a sturdy back was paramount to me.  Having a desk I could actually work on was essential.

This outdoor sit mat with back rest was the chair choice for me.  It has a cushion for comfort and a sturdy back rest for support.

It has a pouch in the back where you can keep small objects or your cell phone when not in use.

Weight of  Chair: 1.37 lb.

Reversible Mandala Pillow $ 18.99 USD.

This reversible mandala floor pillow by rests on my front porch. Flip the pillow or flip the mat for varying looks.  For a pop of color, many multi-color pillow options are also available.

Although with Covid-19, not many guests are visit the office but should the occasion arise, and a visitor should appear, this two-sided mandala floor pillow serves as my guest seating.

Weight of Pillow: 0.6 lb.

Time to Work

My desk had to work with my life, my chair and my guest seating.

Finding countess choices, I opted for this foldable laptop desk.  It is a simple, workable design; one that had an even surface and allows you good mouse space.  It can double as a serving table as well.

Portable Desk
Foldable Laptop Desk $ 35.99 USD.

Weight of Desk: 5.95 lb.

Finishing Touches

Adding the finishing touches to my portable outdoor home office was fun and easy.  I chose three accessories.

Healthy snacks and cold water get packed in my waterproof collapsible serving basket.

Collapsible & Waterproof $ 18.85 USD.

I treat it like a pub bucket only mine is filled with ice cubes, waters and fresh fruit. The fresh fruit and waters keep me from going to the house and taking unnecessary breaks.  The ice cubes keep my food and water cool and also help to power my desktop air conditioner.


Personal Air Cooler $ 29.99 USD.





The desktop air conditioner is a battery operated personal space air cooler.

While it is not intended to cool the entire room, it most certainly creates a comfortable atmosphere in the area of the user.


Remote Control String Lights $ 15.80

What perfect garden office would be complete without a set of remote controlled string lights?

Warm white lights create a relaxing environment  which is exactly why, I chose the cool white lights for my work office space instead.

Operated by 3 AAA batteries, these remote controlled string lights have the power to illuminate your work space or to make your end of workday, or your evening relaxation, time more comfortable.

In cool white or warm white, these lights are an essential finishing touch.


Total Weight for 9 Items: 23.03 lb.*

Total Price for All 10 Items: $ 438.05 USD*

*Nine items does not include weight of wagon.  Prices are at time of publishing.

Is this forever?

Working from home, will it be forever?  I know not.

If it does however, become forever, you can bet I will be opting for a fully customizable backyard studio shed.

Time will tell.

Backyard Studio $ 13,699.99 USD

Finished Interior

Thank you for spending some special time with me here at The Uptown Timepiece; Special Timepieces for Special Times.

Feel free to comment below.  Take care for now.  Be safe, be well and always, be excited!

Until next time…

Warmest regards,

Lauren Parker – Editor in Chief, The Uptown Timepiece

~Buy Your New Outdoor Home Garden Office Here~


Portable Tent

KOON Beach Tent Sun Shelter Pop Up XL – Easy Setup Beach Shade for 3-4 Person with UPF 50+ Protection, Extended Floor & 3 Ventilation Windows丨Carrying Bag (Cyan)


                                                                                          Mountain Mat

Mountain Mat (5’ x 7’) Earth-Friendly Outdoor RV Patio mat for Backyard, Beach, Camping & picnics – Premium, Heavy Duty, Waterproof, Reversible from Recycled Polypropylene w/Carry Bag (Black Lattice)


Mosquito Net

Luxury Mosquito Net Bed Canopy, Ultra Large: for Single To King Size, Quick Easy Installation, Finest Holes: Mesh 380, Curtain Netting, 2 Entries, Storage Bag, No Chemicals Added, 500


                                             Outdoor Chair

SOONHUA Folding Outdoor Sit Mat Lightweight Padded Portable Stadium Seat Ideal for Walking, Picnics, Camping, Hiking or Festivals, Black



THE ART BOX Indian Hippie Ombre Mandala Floor Pillow Cover Square Ottoman Pouf Cover Daybed Oversized Cotton Cushion Cover with Heavy Duty Zipper Seating


Laptop Desk

Nnewvante Large Bed Tray Multifunction Laptop Desk Lap Desk Foldable Portable Standing Breakfast Reading Tray Holder for Couch Floor for Adults/Students/Kids (Gentleman Black)



SAMMART 15.5L (4.1 Gallons) Collapsible Tub with Handle – Portable Outdoor Picnic Basket/Crater – Foldable Shopping Bag – Space Saving Storage Container (Black)


                                                                                               Cool Air

ANYOTA Air Cooler Fan with 5000 mAh Battery Mini Portable Personal Space Evaporative Conditioner 3 Speed for Home Office Bedroom Camping


WERTIOO 33ft 100 LEDs Battery Operated String Lights Globe Fairy Lights with Remote Control for Outdoor/Indoor Bedroom,Garden,Christmas Tree[8 Modes,Timer ] (Warm White)


Pet Tent

Hcupet Pet Exercise Tent for Cat and Small Dog Indoor, 360° Breathable Pet House Playpen for Summer, Expandable and Collapsible for Outdoor Camping and Traveling (Black, Full Breathable)

Covered Wagon

PA Collapsible Folding Wagon Foldable Outdoor Beach Shopping Garden Cart with Wheels Push Or Pull (IPA009406B)


Poolside Studio

Studio Shed Flatiron Modern Backyard Storage Building with Delivery and Installation, 10 x 12 Foot


Lauren has spent most of her life traveling; forming sociable alliances with the like-minded people, agencies, vendors, artists, organizations and public figures worldwide.  She causes profitable operations by using imagination and form.  It is her belief one should inspire others through leading by example. It is her goal to manifest the highest possible version of herself; and then some.

Lauren does not provide any timepiece valuations as she is not a certified appraiser.  When making a significant investment of any kind, it is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence.

Lauren Parker may be contacted by sending an e-mail to:

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  1. Hey Lauren, you have such some excellent items here for us and I do appreciate your time to expose them to us. I love working and get more motivated when I am comfortable. I do not have the necessary accessories to do my job, then I may not work or barely do so. I think I find the outdoor sit mat fascinating and very useful to me. The price is just fine and it takes care of your back and allows you to rest properly and comforts you while you work with your laptop, which can actually prolong your working hours without noticing it. What do you think Lauren? The reversible mandala floor pillow too is good and may be used if you wish to change your position of work, for example, if you decide to lie on the floor then your chest and arms may be on it while working. I usually do so when I am tired but so much more to do. The mosquito net too is attractive and affordable, unfortunately, I live in an area like a desert where there are no mosquitoes.

    1. Hello Akon.  Thank you for visiting with us today.  You are lucky to have no mosquitos!  It sounds like the office design would work for you without the mosquito net.  I agree the mandala pillow may be used to change your position of work. There are so many mandala pillows to choose from!  The outdoor sit mat is nice because you can lean back and although some may disagree with me, I believe comfort helps productivity. Come see us any time. Thank you for commenting.

  2. I really like this concept. I’m also in a town were we enjoy sunshine most of the year and I love working out doors. I hadn’t thought in preparing my outdoor office but now that I’ve seen some of the cool stuff we can purchase to build it and taking note of how much it would cost, I think the advantages are way superior than the investment. I’ll pursue this idea. Thanks!

    1. Hi Paolo, You are most welcome!  This outdoor office space is such a workable concept, super light, super easy to set-up and tear-down. It’s affordable and it is most definitely worth the investment.  It’s your own private designated space.  You can even zip the windows closed for added privacy which is nice. Thank you for your comment today.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and research article. The main subject of this article is the Outdoor Home Garden Office. It is truly commendable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like ANYOTA Air Cooler Fan. I bought an air cooler fan a few days ago and it really helped me a lot to cool my home office very nicely. Those who want to make their home office more beautiful and attractive can definitely buy a mini portable air cooler fan which I think is perfect for you.

    Finally, I will read your article and enjoy it now. I would like to share the subject of the article in my Facebook group so that everyone can know about this home garden office and purchase the necessary materials.

    1. Hello Md. Asraful Islam.  Thank you for sharing this article in your Facebook group.  Remind your group the design of the outdoor portable office works well for a woman’s office or a man’s office.  You are right about the air cooler fan.  I love my personal space air cooler fan.  It cools the space around me nicely and it’s super portable because it is battery operated.  Thank you for reaching out to me in the comments today.  It is nice to hear from everyone.  Come back again anytime!

  4. What an incredible outdoor office space you have created! And it looks quite functional, too.

    Thanks for giving me an outdoor option to consider. I do really like being outdoors. We live in a rural area and have plenty of green space to enjoy. I’m not sure how I’d fit all my furkids in with me, but maybe the smallest one. 

    A bigger concern for me would be our Florida heat and humidity. In central Florida, it can get quite intense. Do you know how much the reflective fabric helps contain the temperature? I know in the shade here it is still hot. And we don’t often get a nice breeze. Maybe I would need to add a fan. 

    1. Hi Diane.  Florida can indeed be hot even in the shade.  I am very familiar with the Treasure Coast of Florida.

      Instead of a fan you might consider two personal air coolers; one on each side of you.  The cooler has a built in fan.  You can place them near your fur babies too.  Which brings me to my next suggestion.

      Above I have added a portable breathable pet tent which folds up like a book, weighs less than 3 lb. and fits right in the wagon!  It also keeps pet hair under control at the office; keeping your work neat.

      The link to purchase the breathable pet tent has been added to the shopping section above.

      That’s a great question about how much does the reflective fabric help the temperature in the beach tent.  The manufacturer states the double silver lining design blocks 97.5% of UVA and UVB rays and reflects heat even in direct sunshine.  The exact temperature is not stated.

      Each of the windows of the beach tent close independently.  Variably adjusting the windows makes the battery operated personal air cooler work better for me.

      Thank you for commenting today.  Be sure to share this idea with your friends and on social media!

  5. I love this idea for a home office. I have a lot of yard space but not much extra space in my home, however, COVID has forced me to work from home. I am going to purchase some of these items and start to set up my space.

    Thank you for s very interesting idea.

    Candy Benn

    1. Good day Candy.  I am happy you found inspiration in this design.  Let me know how your new outdoor office develops.  It would be exciting to hear about your set up.  Design note: Mandala pillows come in dozens of colors. Switching to a colored pillow is the fastest way to bring color into the room if that is what you like.  Thank you so much for visiting.  See you again soon.

  6. Lauren,

    The idea (s) simply fascinating, Your creativity reflects the extreme use of your imagination and artistry in creating
    not only a work at home space for the present and future grown for yourself but also recommend the same for other.
    You might consider copyright of your work. Continue to move forward, quickly!

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Tyrone, The idea came to me in a solid and finished vision. I just pieced it together. I truly believe this could be a workable solution for many people stuck in the house. It’s so nice to breathe the fresh air when I work and to gauge my progress by the position of the Sun as it moves across the sky. It is invigorating and although we at The Uptown Timepiece generally focus on luxury timepieces, this was too good to keep to myself. I had to share. Thank you for commenting. All the best.

  7. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. We live in a high rise apartment building and we needed a transport for
    groceries then we bought the Folding Wagon; This cart is perfect. The cart easily holds two cases of Kirkland bottled water and bags of groceries on top. It folds and unfolds easily. I especially like the extended telescoping handle. I’m a tall guy and it extends perfect for me. Rolls and turns with ease.

    1. Hello there Joy!  That is great to hear.  The folding wagon truly is perfect. I find it to be sturdy without being clumsy or awkward. I am certain it helps you greatly with your groceries.   Thank you for your words and for coming by today.  Looking forward to seeing you again. 

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