Watch Boxes for Men ~ What are They & Why do We Like Them?

Luxury Watch Box Collection

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Watch boxes for men; what are they and why do we like them so much? Should you buy one? Read on to find out.

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What is a Luxury Watch Box? Luxury Watch Box Collection

A luxury watch box for men is a storage box which protects and displays timepieces outside of their original packaging. It elevates watch storage to a heightened level.

“A watch display box is a great way to store collection and an even better way to start one,” says Editor in Chief, Lauren Parker.”  One new luxury watch gifted in a new luxury watch box sparks imagination as the box itself beckons the receiver to acquire more fine timepieces in order to fill the vacant slots”.


Why Use a Watch Display Box?

We asked a random gentleman; a shopper who had recently purchased a watch display box, if the box was for himself and if so, why does he use one? After confirming the purchase was indeed for his own watch collection, he answered us as follows.

“…it looks nice when you use it; not just the box does, it makes the watches in the box look nice. It shows you take care of your watches and it saves (me) time getting ready. It’s easier to decide which watch will look best with what I am wearing when I can see them all at once.”

Then he tipped his hat and left.


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What Types of Mens Watch Boxes are There?

A mens watch box can be either soft-sided or hard-sided. Typically, the soft-sided boxes are reserved for travel and although there are some amazing soft-sided leather watch boxes for travel, we are more so discussing the latter today, the hard-sided watch boxes.

If a soft-sided travel case is what you seek, you may find it here.

Watch boxes can hold as few as four or five watches or as many as 40. Most of the finer designer watch boxes we have seen hold between 5 and 12 watches.They can be equipped with drawers and or secret compartments.

Luxury watch boxes are typically made from wood and upon first glance could resemble a fine cigar humidor. Wooden watch boxes may have solid wooden lids or clear glass tops for easy viewing or personalization.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways offers specially for India

Personalized watch boxes for men make great gifts and can add a bold statement to any watch owners wardrobe.

Among all luxury watch boxes, the finest leather watch box we have encountered is the Scritto leather watch box by Berluti. Crafted in Italy, the Indian Rosewood box is available in brown Venetzia goatskin leather and holds eight watches. Currently it boasts a price tag of just under $8,700.00USD; pennies compared to the beauties one could store inside it.

Keeping your designer watches secure is paramount which is why many watch boxes have a locking feature.


M.M.A PU Leather Watch Box Password Jewelry Watch Case Fingerprint Unlock Watch Storage Box Suitcase

Generally these locks are more of a deterrent from anyone opening the lid and handling a timepiece inside, however in the case of true heavy-duty locking storage, a watch safe might be a better choice of purchase.

What About Designer Watch Boxes for Women?

While men seem to have a dominant fixation towards luxury watch boxes vs women, a designer watch box can also be a great gift for a woman.


Consider a watch and a watch box for your bride or for your maid of honor or for a birthday or anniversary. A watch box can be a great commemoration of any milestone event or it can be a quiet gift between two people.

One Question Left…

Now that you have decided to purchase a luxury watch box either for yourself or as a gift, you are left with one more question; what to do with all the original packaging of the watches? We say “Save it all.” Place all original packaging in a cool, dry and dark location; perhaps in a snap-lid tote or the likes.

While fine timepieces tend to be generational, sometimes we decide to sell our fine timepieces and having the original packaging can mean a pretty difference in sale price. Additionally, if one of your timepieces ever needs service, it will be helpful for you to have the original packaging materials and the information contained therein.

Do you have a special collection stored in a luxury watch box? Did you find the perfect watch box for an up-and-coming collection of yours? Comment below or share your photos on Pinterest. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. hello there awesome article you have here i just could not ignore it this really dragged my attention as i was glancing through it i really did not know about this watch boxes but this your article has educated me on it a lot am sure going to get one for my partner as soon as i can thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Hello Joy!  Thank you for your comment today.  We are glad you received value from our content. Watch boxes are truly unique.  Owning or giving one can be very special.  Have fun shopping for your partners gift! Enjoy!

  2. Hi There, I guess this valuable information for the folks that that fascinated by watches or designer watches. Actually I don’t have a single watch but a couple of friends do have, I will definitely share this piece of information with them. Surely they’ll love it for house keeping purposes and quick decision making on which watch to wear on a particular occasion. 

    Great stuff

    1. Hello Joel! Glad to talk to you today. Thank you for your comments and thank you for sharing this with your friends who have watches.  Watch boxes are a great addition to any watch owners wardrobe.  They are good for both ladies and gentlemen.  Be sure to pick up a watch box for yourself too when you decide to buy your first watch!  Best!

  3. Hi,

     Thank you for this informative article. I really need this kind of gift.

    One of my craziest hobbies is collecting watches. I own over 40 watches of different brands, sizes, colors, shapes and material.

    The most inconvenient part for me, is the moment when I have to choose which one I used on the respective day; depends on clothing, jewelry and all this kind of things.

    But as I keep each one in the original box, you can imagine how disturbing it is for me.

    So, the answer of my problem, for sure it is a very large watch box.

    1. Hello Diana.  Thank you for stopping by and sharing your hobby.  We don’t think it’s crazy.  We love it!  Be sure to share a photo of your watch collection in your new (very large) watch box!

  4. Thank you for this post!  I think this would be perfect for my oldest son.  He has a few watches and loves them.  I think that he currently keeps them in his girlfriend’s jewelry box or sometimes in his nightstand drawer.  I think that he would love this! He is big on watches and shoes, so this will at least help part of his collection.  I am so excited to get this for his upcoming birthday! Thanks again for this!

    1. Hello Jennie. You are most welcome. Thank you for visiting today. Please be sure to share a picture of your sons new watch box on his birthday! We are sure he is going to love it!

  5. I have never heard of a watch box before. For the man who owns several watches, this would make a great gift for him.

    You stated that some of the luxury watch boxes resemble a cigar humidor. Do any watch boxes actually control the humidity, or does humidity affect any of the watch mechanism?

    I only own one luxury watch, but I know a couple of men who own several watches and would like one of these. I’m glad I came across this site.

    1. Hello Willow!  Thank you for your question.  Please do accept our sincerest apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Due to Covid-19, we had to close but we are back!  Humidity can be the enemy of a fine timepiece.  A cigar humidor adds humidity to the air.  There are most certainly watch boxes that do remove humidity from the air.  Thank you for the great idea for a future feature product review!

  6. Wow. This is a whole new world that I have never experienced! haha. I didn’t know how relevant watch boxes were until I read your article. It really does save time and space when you compare a box that can hold 30 watches and 30 different watch boxes. I can’t imagine why I would have 30 different watches but if I do, I can open the watch box and choose rather than rummaging 30 odd boxes (probably even losing a few).

    I feel that this will be a great investment for those who collect watches

    1. Hello Tyranique.  We would love to see a 30 watch box…full!  How exciting!  Indeed, an 8 or even 3 watch box can be a nice addition to any collection. An investment to protect your investments. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Hi! I want a hard-sided watch box and the reason is that having all my watches displayed saves me time when I have to decide which one I have to wear. And at the same time it keeps my collection protected.

    I like the Scritto leather watch box by Berluti. A good investment when I think in how much I have spent in the collection.

    1. Greetings Paolo.  Your  watch collection will no doubt look amazing and be well protected in the Scritto by Berluti.  It’s a house favorite for sure.  Share a picture of your collection!  We would love to see!

  8. This is a very informative and educative post we have here from the uptown time piece, I think a lot of men do not even know what watch boxes are.
    But for the official kind of people, I think they would appreciate this post.
    It is good to know that the time piece is not for men alone, I earlier thought it was for men alone, but your post informed me of the ladies watch time as well.

    1. Hello Carol.  We are delighted to bring watch boxes to the foreground.  Securing any investment is wise and displaying items of beauty is fun.  The boxes are decorative and functional which is a great combination in our eyes.  Thank you for stopping by today. Come see us again soon!

  9. This is actually a great idea. I guess I have heard of watch boxes, but never actually seen one. I have several expensive watches that this would work great for. I like the idea of keeping the original boxes and paperwork, while using a watch box to store the watches in.

    Great and useful information you have provided.

    1. Good day to you Curtis.  Watch boxes are a great way to store your watches.  We would be delighted to see an image of your collection. You bring up an excellent point about saving original boxes and paperwork.  Doing so is always the best course of action.  Thank you for the comment!

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