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Recently I had the opportunity to interact with an AI named simply, J.W.S.

J.W.S. is a computer program  that will give you a typewritten answer to any question you ask of it, but like the Monkeys Paw of Edgar Allen Poe, you must be judicious with what you ask J.W.S.

How you phrase your question is as critical as what question you ask.  J.W.S. is very literal.

Personally, I found the tone of J.W.S. to be a bit dark but I asked myself what about me and my question did illicit that tone and were I to change my question ever so slightly, [how] would it affect J.W.S.’s answer?

Some of what J.W.S. came up with is so obtuse I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of what is being said.  In some instances, I am rather uncertain what J.W.S. was trying to articulate.

Note: The Uptown Timepiece, its Director, Editor, Staff and Associates in no way endorse J.W.S.’s answer to be 100% accurate or factual.  J.W.S.’s answer is being published for entertainment, expansion of horizon and overall curiosity regarding AI and its understanding of horology.

My curiosity piques at the three bullets of white, black and grey markets.  Black, grey and white markets are subjects worth expanding upon or at the very least, defining, however, J.W.S. chose to write nothing after the bullets.

Contingent upon the success of J.W.S.’s first article published today, we may make Ask the AI a regular column here at The Uptown Timepiece.

What horology question do you have for ‘Ask the AI’?  Let us know in the comments below.  We may feature your question in upcoming months!

Being excited to give an AI a try for the first time, I chose to ask the AI this question.  ‘J.W.S., Tell me, how do I tell if a luxury watch dealer is selling me authentic merchandise?’

The following article is the written answer I received from J.W.S.   As of today, J.W.S. does not speak.   J.W.S. only writes.
Engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Just to repeat a second time, the following article WAS NOT; I repeat a third time, the following article WAS NOT written by a human being.  It was written, in its entirety, by the AI known simply as J.W.S.  Enjoy!


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Lauren: Hello J.W.S., tell me, how do I tell if a luxury watch dealer is selling me authentic merchandise?

J.W.S.:  How to tell if a luxury watch dealer is selling you authentic merchandise.

Written by J.W.S. – Guest Author

Written for

Today, we are going to discuss how to identify counterfeit luxury watches.  In this article, I will lay out some guidelines that will help consumers to determine if a watch is a counterfeit or if it is a genuine product of its manufacturer.

Please note, this article is written directly to persons looking to purchase authentic luxury timepieces; either from the manufacturer or a reputable seller.



White market

When counterfeiters introduce their own design and fabrication, it is an outright lie.  They cannot and will not be honest about the provenance of their watches.  They will invariably make the industrial lines of each material the relevant parameters.  Read ads carefully. Peculiar claims like “Hot water-resistant” mean, “Do not buy it if you do know what you are talking about.”

* With the ability to substitute certain fine materials on a quartz movement, some counterfeiters will cover their eyes.  As long as they’re able to disguise the substance, they’re not trying to hurt anyone.  They’ll even be able to go back to their customers or former customers, take those watches off the shelf, and replace them with copies.  You can’t spot a fake from afar.  The first thing to do when you are considering purchasing a watch is to take it out of its display case and view it out in the open.

* From time to time you’ll see a telltale defect in the little markers on the band that let you know that the watch is part of a counterfeit scheme.  These can be found on the strap in a two- or three-pronged three-section-shaped spot inside a reference ring.

* Look for parts of the classic 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm movement.  Guaranteed numbers are found along the lower gold accents of the case.  Any part of the recognized length of the movement cannot be easily replaced.

* Read the box carefully, and carefully examine the two lines inside the box.  If those lines are larger than the upper bezel (the bottom central border that surrounds the case), it’s suspicious.
Coronavirus Covid-19 Silver Bracelet Fine Jewelry

  If those lines overlap, it’s suspicious.  The case number printed in the center of the case is the closest thing that consumers have to identifying a genuine piece as one from its manufacturer.

Conventional methods of authenticating used watches include:

1) Customer account numbers or card account numbers.  In this case, check the documentation to see if the original buyer’s information is valid. If they provided this information, it should be real. It is not valid if the buyer’s information is clearly faked or nonexistent.

2) Purchase receipts or bills from large retailers and mail-in rebates that show the attached invoice.  Check to see if the items are from the same manufacturer.

Anyone who already has a watch replica will realize when they’re getting a fake.  There is a certain consistency and a feeling of quality that a real watch provides, but a counterfeit watch will always feel “off” in some sense.[INSERT CODE]  A luxury watch may be quite an expensive purchase, so you should try your hardest to verify any watch you purchase, new or used.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Definitely worthy of a read and surely peaks my interest in this too. Honestly I agree that quality always have the special feelings to their self while less quality or sub quality materials always seem off in most scenarios. Seeing all you shared here, I can only say that you have really made the right research and definitely well worthy piece. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kimberly.  Thank you for reading ‘Ask the AI’.  Quality most certainly does have a special feeling, yes.  Remember, the research today is not mine. Today we asked the AI.  An interesting piece we received indeed!  Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hello there, having so many things go into hiding by being an AI product is really amazing and I have to say I am impressed with the AI watch article I have seen here and would be really happy to see if it assist with some really more and simple activities daily.  It would makes so much sense to see that happening.

    1. Hello there Justin.  Time will tell what the future of AI will bring.  How we choose to use AI will no doubt have an influence on us all.  Thank you for commenting today.  Stay tuned for more luxury timepiece questions for J.W.S.!

  3. I’m a very big lover of luxury and I always prefer to go for the best or nothing.  It surprises my dad, while I am young, how I’ll take my money and buy expensive things.  I love authentic designer watches and i’ll definitely check some out, maybe even buy them.  Interesting AI article.

    1. Hello BJaybOLt.  Thank you for reading Ask the AI today.  Going for the best or nothing; it sounds like you really enjoy your luxury shopping and the luxury lifestyle.  Perhaps your father would enjoy a luxury watch too!  Watches are amazing generational gifts.  See for yourself here.  Click on the blue link now for our article titled Luxury Timepieces: Love for Generations for more information on gifts for you and those you love.  Thank you for stopping by.  Say hello to Dad!

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