Best Tactical Watches for Survival

Garmin D2

If you, or anyone you know, male or female, is even considering buying a survival watch, this is the list you want to buy from.

These are without question, uncertain times.  Uncertain times call on us to find certainty within ourselves and therefore our lives.  Military grade watches can help you achieve that goal.

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The Uptown Timepiece, while most frequently focused on high-end luxury timepieces, states in our Company Profile that in addition to luxury timepieces, we also recognize timepieces de intrigue.

The following is a list of five of the most superior tactical watches in existence on the planet Earth today; five timepieces de intrigue we wish to share with you for these uncertain times.

1) Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout

Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout Mens Watch 3051.BLACKOUT

(Approximate Retail $291.00 USD.)


Trusted by The United States Navy Seals, this elite timepiece immediately made it to number one on our list.

With a reinforced case made of carbon fiber, this timepiece is very light to wear.  Illuminated by tritium, the Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout face offers a constant glow for up to 25 years.

For the cost of less than $300.00 (at time of writing) you can be the wearer of this both durable and beyond reliable elite military grade watch superior enough for the Navy Seals.

Also note, at the time of writing, this item is eligible for Amazon Prime.

2) Casio G Shock Mudmaster GWG 1000 1A3ER

Casio Men’s G-Shock GWG1000-1A3 Army Green/Black Resin Quartz Watch

(Approximate Retail $649.00 USD.)

The key feature that we love about this watch is every five hours it receives radio signals from one of the atomic clocks in the world, which calibrates the heads to correct time constantly.

The G Shock is multi-functional.  Triple Sensor Version 3 technology means the digital compass, barometer, altimeter and thermometer provide accurate readings under harshest conditions.

Mudmaster means this watch is built with Casio’s Mud Resist construction.  This watch can get beyond super muddy and still function properly.  Vibration resistant, this watch is very suitable for anyone who operates heavy machinery.

Water resistant up to 200 meters (approximately 650 feet) it features a screw in crown aiding in water resistance.

Double LED lights up brightly with an easy touch of the built in light button.

3) Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto Traverse Alpha – Foliage

(Average Retail price $295.00 USD.)

Hand made in Finland and available in four colors (prices may vary) this multi-function survival watch is set to military standards.

One of this watches finest features is the GPS/GLONASS navigation system (Global Navigation Satellite System) which leaves an electronic ‘breadcrumb trail’ to aid you in finding your way.

The built in bright white LED flashlight lights up your surroundings when necessary. The red night-vision-goggle-compatible back-light maintains discretion when required.

Multi functions include but are not limited to a built-in altimeter, barometer and compass, sunrise and sunset alerts, a moon phase calendar, battery percentage read out and a stopwatch.

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is water resistant to 100 meters (328 ft).

Set points of interest for fishing and hunting and remember them for future endeavors.  Automatic shot detection through the use of an accelerometer rounds out this timepiece built especially for the great outdoors.

4) Casio Pro-Trek Quartz PRG-600YB-3CR

Casio Men’s Pro Trek Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, 16 (Model: PRW6000Y-1ACR)

(Approximate Retail $548.00 USD.)

Using quartz movement for its functionality, the Casio Men’s Pro Trek is also solar powered.

Light up the watch face in the darkest environments with its double LED lighting; which illuminates both the watch face and also the watches back-light.

With excellent lumes, the Casio ProTrek has a phosphorescent glow.   Water resistant to 100 meters, it is also resistant to low temperatures, has a digital compass, an hourly time signal and five daily alarms to keep you on track.

The Version 3 triple sensor technology means this survival watch has the sensitivity and specificity to alert the wearer to any extreme or sudden changes in barometric pressure, helping to keep you safe in inclement weather.

The band is made of resin and the battery will last around 6 months without additional charging.

5) Garmin D2 Bravo Titanium Pilot Watch

Garmin D2 Delta PX, GPS Pilot Watch with Pulse Ox Sensor, Includes Smartwatch Features, Heart Rate and Music, Titanium with Titanium Band

(Approximate Retail $1249.00 USD.)

We love the Garmin D2 for its aviation GPS navigator.  Additionally, he blood oxygen sensor helps keep you safe by monitoring blood oxygen saturation when changing altitudes; a potentially life-saving feature.

Equipped with Garmin Pay, you can use this watch to make contactless payments; making this watch a winner for current times.

Further equipped with the ability to hold and play up to 500 songs, this watch will keep you engaged using its Bluetooth technology.  The D2s USB has charging capabilities for convenience and smart notifications to keep you in touch.

Also note, at the time of writing, this item is eligible for Amazon Prime.

Where will you be wearing your new survival watch?

Let us know the answer in the comments below.

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Be safe.  We appreciate you.

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  1. Wow!

    These are awesome watches, and a great review on best tactical watches for survival, it is an informative, interesting and comprehensive one, with lots of insight, the watches are very nice and beautiful, and with great features as well, i think with this article buying a watch wont be a challenge again, because i often have a little challenges on which watch to get, the next time i wanna buy watch i will definitely go for Sunno Traverse Alpha, I love the features. Thanks

    1. Hello Kingsking. We agree with you, wow!  These watches are awesome. We too love the features of the Suunto Traverse Alpha; especially the ‘breadcrumb trail’ feature.  Be sure to stop back to purchase your survival watch.  We are glad to have you here. Thank you for commenting today.

  2. I’ve read your article “Best Tactical Watches for Survival”.

    This is an amazing review you have got here.

    Thank you so much for sharing this interesting and informative article with everyone.

    The watches you mentioned in your article are as beautiful to look at as the multifunction through which you can find out.

    You did an amazing article! Good job!

    1. Rosalia, thank you and hello!  We are glad you enjoyed our article on tactical watches for survival.  Yes it is very true they are as beautiful to look at as they are multifuctional.  They can definitely be worn as a fashion piece or an everyday wear! 

  3. Hi there!

    What a great post! First of all I have to say I had no idea there are whatches that can be solar powered! these watches are all great and I have a lot of friends who like having watches for survival in case anything happens! This article was so great that I’ll make sure to send it to them!

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi there Juan Felipe!  You are most welcome for the info.  We love the solar powered element too.  It is a great feature to have.  Thank you for sharing The Uptown Timepiece with your friends who like having watches for survival and thank you for taking the time to comment today!

  4. I am an outdoors person and the idea of a multifunctional watch is very appealing to me. The features mentioned in each watch are things that years ago I had hoped to find in any one place, now I find it in a watch. The items reviewed and recommended may appear pricey but when the features are considered then they are probably worth it. I will begin saving for one of these in time for my next camping experience.

    1. Hello to you Russell!  It marvels us as well, the number of features that can be found in a watch today!  Yes the price is related to elements such as durability and accuracy; even under duress.  Accuracy is important.  Accuracy under duress is very important. The features we mention here are just the highlights too.  Each watch has more functions than we could list which is great news for a buyer!  The specifications page for any one of these timepieces gives you information down to the most minute detail.  Have fun shopping for your new multi-functional watch for your next camping trip!

  5. Really great post on survival watches! I love watches, especially the chronograph watches. All of the watches on this post are ones that I would not mind having at all. Not sure when I’ll be in a survival situation but I really like the black/grey colors these all have.

    1. Hi Casonn. Thank you for stopping by today!  We like the black/grey colors as well.  One element of survival is being able to remain low key when necessary.  Reflective and shiny objects could give away your location in a survival situation.  These watches are meant to be visible to the user yet less than visible to those around the user.  These watches are strong and durable; suitable for everyday wear too!

  6. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I bought the Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout; Fantastic
    watch. Markers and hands glow bright. The darker it is the brighter they seem. Perfect size and looks great. Had many compliments. I bought suunto Core Military watch the week before. It SUCKED!

    1. Hello Joy!  Thank you for commenting today.  The watch you did not like, the Suunto Core Military watch, did not make our list.  We would be curious to know how the Core failed you.  We chose the Suunto Traverse Alpha. Maybe you can exchange your Core for an Alpha?  That is great to hear about your Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout.  When talking about the brightness of the tritium markers, we love your phrase, ‘The darker it is, the brighter they seem.’  So true!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this interesting and informative article with everyone. The main content of this article is Best Tactical Watches for Survival. The watches you mentioned in your article are as beautiful to look at as the multifunction through which you can find out. I have the Casio Men’s g-shock watch because I bought it a few days ago. As beautiful as the features of this watch are, its performance is remarkable. Those who are thinking of buying multifunction watches can buy these models.

    1. Hello Md. Asraful Islam and congratulations on your excellent new purchase.  May it bring you many years of safety and enjoyment. Remember to please share this article with your friends!  They will probably want their own G-Shock once they see yours! Thank you for your comment and for stopping by today. Best! 

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