Hourglass Clocks ~ Homage to Sand Timers

The hourglass, our Director’s favorite type of timepiece by far,  is both decorative and functional.  Shrouded in allegory, the hourglass has become a symbol of many things in our modern day.

To some, the hourglass is used as a reminder that life is precious and to manage our time here on Earth with honor.  To others, it represents the fine connection between life and death; between Heaven and Earth.  To many, it represents balance or the perfect proportions of the female form.  To some, it means the eggs are done.

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According to Guinness World Records, the first hourglass is said to have been invented by a French monk called Liutprand in the 8th century AD.  Also known as a sand glass, a sand timer or a sand clock, the hourglass was particularly useful in ancient maritime travel because its time-keeping capabilities were unaffected by the movement caused by waves.

Join us as we share with you some traditional expressions of the hourglass sand timer, some more modern examples of this extraordinary timepiece style and even one example that you can wear.

1. TechEcho Geometric Hourglass

(Approximate retail $254.50 USD.)


Reminiscent of the shape known as Metatron’s Cube, this geometric hourglass is the hourglass that rests on our Director’s desk.

This nontraditional hourglass is one of the few pieces that can stop the sands of time simply by resting it horizontally, stopping the flow of the sand.

Geometric Hourglass Sand Timer

Available in three sizes; 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes, this hourglass add a modern touch to a timeless classic.

2. TechEcho USB Hourglass with Night Light

(Approximate retail $503.50 USD.)

Also made by TechEcho, this relaxing unit combines an hourglass with a colored night light. As the sea sand fills the lower chamber, the colored night light gradually dims.

USB charging makes for convenient use. Easily change settings to any of the four colors with just one touch of a finger. Total run time for this hourglass is 15 minutes.

Having trouble falling asleep or simply wish to create a peaceful mood? This is the hourglass for you.

Diamond Candles

3. Howard Miller Hourglass Floor Clock

(Approximate retail $3155.00 USD.)


The most noble of all the hourglass timepieces on our list today is without question, the aged iron hourglass floor clock by Howard Miller. Founded in 1936, Howard C. Miller insisted on “Incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality and a quest for perfection.”

The triple chime of this impressive floor piece has both a volume control and an automatic nighttime chime shut-off option to keep your home quiet in the evening hours. The functional hourglass in the middle of the case can be rotated and positioned by hand.

Howard Miller Floor Clock Hourglass

Two more simply designed models of this clock are also available; one in black iron and the other in polished chrome.

4.  Global Views Antique Style Sand Clock

(Approximate retail $872.50 USD.)


This heirloom quality sand clock by Global Views is sure to impress.  Hand crafted, each piece bears slight differences, lending to the true uniqueness of each magnificent 60 minute glass made.

Standing a formidable 25 inches tall, this hourglass is a definite statement piece suitable for the finest homes.  Without question, it makes an excellent gift for graduations, engagements, weddings and especially anniversaries.

Whether you select the antique brass finish or the nickel finish, this luxury timepiece  will bring delight for years to come.

5. Tateossian Sand Timer Cufflinks

(Approximate retail $265.00 USD.)


By Tateossian London, these cufflinks are rhodium plated metal with black enamel accents. While not precise for measuring time, the sand is free flowing between chambers.

These object de intrigue, while not actually timepieces, pay homage to the hourglass in such a stylish way, we were excited to include them in our list today.

Also note, at the time of writing, this item is eligible for Amazon Prime.

6. Tokyo Hot Traditional Hourglass

(Approximate retail $80.00 USD.)


This traditional wooden hourglass is pure and practical. Priced at only $80.00 it is a lovely hourglass for the new hourglass lover.

Tokyo Hot has made this 60 minute timer available with either colored blue, colored purple or pure white (our favorite) sand.

Paired with the deep bright cherry-toned wood, this is an hourglass that made our Director nostalgically remember her grandmother reserving an hour, every weekday, to watch her favorite television program, Days of our Lives.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

~ For Grandma & the happy kitchen time we spent together.

Jili Online 15 Minutes Happy Time Sandglass Hourglass Sand Timer Kitchen Clock Home Decorations – Purple


Thank you for spending your Special Time with us.  We appreciate you.

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  1. These are all such beautiful pieces! I especially love the craftsmanship of the Tokyo hourglass- I am such a fan of woodwork. Sand timers are so beautiful and a creative engineering feat! Thank you for these options- I am looking to furnish my place and one of these pieces would go beautifully in my space.

    1. Hello Janani Kumar.  You are most welcome!  The Tokyo hourglass is a delightful piece.  Its woodwork is one of the main elements that attracted us.  Furnishing a space can be an adventure.  Have fun on your adventure.  Be sure to stop back to purchase your sand timer.  Do let us know which color sand you select!   We are glad to have you with us. Thank you for your comment today.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post on the special time pieces for special times. It is very unique in your descriptions on the different time pieces for different purposes and applications. In addition, your website is excellent, it is fast and the theme you used is also good and is fast. You have also highlighted the different time pieces and their application in different occasions. There were six pieces of time that you explained in simple and easy to understand language. I really love the second time piece, the ‘TechEcho USB hour glass with light”. It is very brilliantly made and it has a night light as well. It also cost $US 503.50, which is a reasonable cost for any person to buy and use in their respective homes. You have also gave a good explanation on all the different time pieces for people who may be interested in those different time pieces. You have provided an excellent article for anybody who would be interested in purchasing any of those special time pieces for special times. Thank you for sharing and we would love to learn more from you on any similar topics in the future.

    1. Hello Augustine!  Thank you for being with us today.  We are happy you enjoyed reading about hourglass sand timers and we are very delighted you had a pleasant user experience with our web site.  The TechEcho seems to be attracting attention.  We understand why!  It is soothing to watch and we love having the choice of one color or setting it to rotate between colors automatically.  We will definitely be posting more special timepieces for special times.  We look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. It really impressed me how much hour glasses could reach. For a new one, not even a vintage or antique. But looking at it closer revealed that they are precisely made and you’re paying for craftsmanship and quality. I suppose the last hour glass is an affordable $80 but the first few were the ones that really caught my attention!

    1. Hello Casonn! Yes indeed the calibration of a fine hourglass is done meticulously. It is one of the key factors in the manufacturing process. Size of the hole, the shape and size of the sand, the sands ability to resist humidity…all go into the making of an hourglass sand timer. The first two hourglasses on our list are very modern. The TechEcho with the night light seems to be the popular choice. Glad you like them! Thank you for sharing your time and your comments with us!

  4. Wow, these are some very beautiful hour glasses really and I like the kind of feel that they have too because it is nice to carry something as sleek as this and also be able to call it yours. I like the second one on the list that also has a mini lamp too. I’m sure the colour will pierce the ticking sand.

    1. Hello Jay, thank you for stopping by today and for commenting.  Indeed the hourglasses do have a certain feel.  Glad you enjoyed the article.  The second one, the TechEcho with the colored mini lamp, is a great and modern update to the hourglass.  We like the purple setting best but all the colors are pretty piercing!

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