Shopping for a Red Women’s Luxury Watch? ~ Here are 3 to Love

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Updated August 27, 2020  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the color red?  Many people would say blood, danger, anger, or fire.  Well, that’s not it.  Red is the color of blood and fire; passion, love, and seduction; strength and power.

It is a color of absolute womanhood; the color of Parisian Girl; it is a timeless color.  Without a doubt, red is the color that goes well with every hair and skin color.  Red symbolizes confidence, action, and courage.  It is an emotionally intense color, which improves the human metabolism.  Red color has high visibility that is why many important items are painted red.

The color red has different meanings for everyone.  In Russia, red means beautiful.  This color is often considered the color of good luck.  Keeping the importance of red in mind, we have listed some of the best red luxury women’s watches.

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That said, have a look!

1. The Kelly Watch by Hermes

(Retail approximately $2,850.00USD)

The designer watch in red will give quality time a whole new meaning.  The intricately designed watch will keep you in style and on time.  The Kelly watch has a rouge Moyen lizard skin band, gold cadena watch charm, and red dial.

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The electrifying red watch is an elegant and timeless product.  Made in France in 1995, it will match any look and mood.  You can easily transit from day to night, casual to sophisticated, work to play.  The watch has a 20mm dial and 1.5 inches high charm.  It is a charming and classic watch that will add a classy touch to your outfit.

2. BVLGARI Serpenti Twist

(Retail approximately $9,700.00USD)

The red karung leather with 18K rose gold will give you the versatility that you crave.  It has a red dial of 27mm and this Serpenti twist has 34 diamonds on side of the unique shaped dial.  It is a great choice for expressing the unique side of your style.  This quartz movement watch has the best blend of quality materials, great artisanal techniques, and wearability.

3. The Christal Watch by Christian Dior

(Retail approximately $7,400.00USD)

This Swiss-made watch is a masterpiece that adds class and sophistication.  It is a timeless piece from their Christal Collection that has a sleek and delicate stainless-steel case of diameter 38 MM.  The rubber strap is filled with gemstones that make it a dainty and feminine watch and will offer delicate detail to your look.

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The red eye-catching watch will offer the standout style you are looking for.  The watch has a detailed dial with Arabic numeral hour markers, minute markers, three hands, and a date window.  It is water resistance up to 50 meters.

Update 2020: Due to the impact of Covid-19 exact items may not be available from our partners at this time.
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So, buy a fine designer to watch in red and look fabulous.  With a red watch, you will have the confidence you need to take the world head-on.  Enhance your lifestyle with a good watch.

Do you like a watch in red color? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Your descriptions of these pieces evoke a feelings of richness and sophistication.  You guide the imagination with a deep sense of satisfaction and feeling.  You have created a timely path toward a confident outcome for any woman who would adorn themselves with these stylish and elegant time pieces.  They really are beautiful!

    1. Hello PaFoster.  We are glad you feel as we do about the beauty of these elegant timepieces and the emotions they evoke within us.  Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. These are the time pieces for the woman in red. Red is a color many woman have in their wardrobe, therefore this is a great article covering the three luxury watches. I always believe there is a loyal brand following when it comes to luxury products, therefore those who are loyal to Hermès, Bvlgari or Christian Dior, I know where your choices would weight heavily on. Hermès Kelly watch would come in first as a better fashion accessory, followed by the Serpenti Twist. At the high end, you really are looking more for fashion and jewelry accessory than telling time. I agree with you Hermès Kelly watch is number 1 on this list.

    1. Good day Stanley.  Indeed the Kelly by Hermes seems a favorite.  We are glad you like it too.  As we mentioned earlier, there is just something about the lock bauble and overall appearance that appeals to us.  Thank you for stopping by today!

  3. It feels really weird when the cheapest item on the list is the want you prefer (it doesn’t really happen too often to me). Thanks for these great options (I was losing my head as I know my girl always pays attention to these dates).

    The Kelly Watch by Hermes has a touch of originality that I know she will love. The BVLGARI Serpenti Twist is my second favorite. But I’ll stick to my original pick as it’s creative and delicate.

    Thanks for your guide on what could be a wonderful or a nightmare of San Valentyn’s day.

    1. Hello Juan.  Thank you for being here today.  We too love the originality of the Kelly.  It is one of the reasons it made the list.  The charm-lock watch is a great idea for your girlfriend.  Please be sure to share (with) us a picture!

  4. Hi! I feel in love with the Christal watch by Christian Dior. I have an event next month and needed a nice red watch to go with my outfit. This watch matches my style and the price is affordable. This will really make me look fabulous. Thank you for these 3 options you listed here. I’m happy I found what I was looking for.

    1. Hi Ann! We are glad you love the Christal as mush as we do! Have fun looking fabulous at your event!  Please be sure to share a picture of your outfit and your Dior timepiece!  

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